The Camel Trail in 2021

Well firstly - thank you for sticking with us through what has been, lets face it, possibly the worst year any of us could imagine.  However, through all the chaos, sadness and confusion, there have been some incredible times and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank every one of our customers for working with us and enabling us to keep going, whenever we were allowed!

Our young teams, lead by Jack, have done us proud.  Working together incredibly well to ensure we stayed open safely and much to our amusement, kept myself and Bernie especially safe.  I have to admit to having been told off quite a few times at various points throughout the year for being anywhere near the depot - old habits die hard! But the sentiment was appreciated, even if I didn't show it at the time!

I don't think I've been the only person who found it hard to keep my spirits up at the beginning of the year but I did my best to keep the posts going, reassuring one and all that The Camel Trail and all the beautiful nature surrounding us, was still in tact and ready for your return.  I have to admit to finding updating social media (via my daugther Kelly easier than the news pages on here and I'm pleased to say we have a great following on all the accounts, so along with some encouragement on colder days and banter on others, we did all manage to get through it together!

Once we were allowed out again, Cornwall went crazy and I know many of you stayed away this year due to sheer volumes of people heading our way!  I don't believe we've ever seen numbers like it.  Luckily, with our new booking system, with payment up front via the phone, we were able to work pretty efficiently and did our best to make sure those who didn't get out in the morning were able to in the afternoon.

I have no idea what the next year will bring us but we would love to stay in touch with you all, so do make sure you follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @bridgebikehire and if you have any pictures from your visit we'd love to see them!

All the best

Nige, Bernie, Jack and the Team

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The Camel Trail in 2021

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