The Trail this time of the year is all about berries - have to be careful here because there is an abundance of Sloes often described as berries but technically called 'drupes' this is alongside swollen Blackberries, which might have something to do with the August rain.
All we need now is a little sunshine to ripen the fruit and it looks like we may be lucky, if the Hedgerows are an indication then all is well with Valarian, Campion and my favourite Honeysuckle all blooming vigorously.
I love September with chill misty mornings and a heavy dew - it's amazing what the eye does not see - these ground cobwebs only becoming apparent in these conditions
Talking of misty mornings it might not have gone unnoticed that BBH had its end of season do this weekend  - we have had a truly lovely Crew of some 20 plus youngsters this year, highlights for me were one evening shift a young lady came into work having received her A star A level results, her team ( we have two ) applauded her all the way in - delightful
Other highlight involves Tripadvisor - with two of the excellent Summer reviews describing young James and Kieran as "legends" can't ask for more really.
And on that note I hope you will find time to join us on the Trail at this very special time of the year.
Safe Cycling
PS here is wishing Paul my Son in Law a safe ride London to Paris for the Air Ambulance

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